I’m so excited to be able to finally introduce American Cowboy Photography.
( As some of you know, I do a lot of western and rural art as well as design work for myself and other photographers. American Cowboy Photography is the new result of that work. After a wonderful sit down conversation with David Beckstead ( he convinced me that I do have something truly unique to off clients, phot0graphers, and art lovers alike.After working hard since this past April to get things lined up, created and in gear, I am officially launching American Cowboy Photography. Now, About You Photography is what I do…it’s who I am and will continue to be who I am and what I do and will never go away, but American Cowboy Photography is going to co-exist on a much more specialized scale. But, I just had to share the news with my readers! I’m so excited and I want you to be excited too! So, although there isn’t very much on the site yet, be sure to visit it every once in a while and see what’s going on there, although I do suspect I’ll be posting a lot of that stuff here too! LOL

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