Remember the buffalo??? (09/03/2008 10:50)

I SWEAR that this is NOT the wild west out here or the 1800’s. This is modern farm and ranch land North Dakota. And tonight, I made some “me” time, took a break from work flowing went outside just before it started getting too dark to work with my stallion, Whistler.Low and behold, he was acting all goofy and weird (He’s usually so calm and quiet you’d never know he was a stallion.). Mare and foal are running the fence line and they never do that. I look up and around, and at the end of our pasture is… Two Bull Elk…

I have NEVER seen an elk outside of an elk farm here in ND. Moose yes, escaped buffalo, yes. Wolves, yes….elk…no…
So, Yes, I ride for the house, grab a camera and ride back out hoping they haven’t moved. But they had moved out a bit and I was shooting from the saddle of a dancing horse, but I got proof! Forgive the blur and the grain. It was kind of crazy!
Some elk farm out here is missing two very large bull elk…hhhmmm…I’ve never eaten elk….I bet it’s pretty good when cooked right!M

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