Ruthville Rough Rider Rodeo Version 2008 (08/27/2008 11:28)

The Ruthville Rough Rider Rodeo this past weekend marked an end to the 2008 Rough Rider Season. The only rodeo left in this association is the Finals, which I will be unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict. I’m quite disappointed in that as the riders and stock are amazing, the action is intense, and the whole year built up to it!
One of the great things about Rough Rider is the encouragement for the very young competitors to get out there and give it their all while learning in such a positive environment.
Sometimes, these young men and women land hard.
And, after a year of learning, they are ready to run HARD…Right Jade?
This is my friend Dan again. This time, we were both perched on the fence with a bull circling under us!
And of course, I do get to work on my more artistic shots…yes, this one is also in full color in the gallery.
There is nothing like watching and cheering for the very young and adorable!
The bucking stock and cowboys are amazing!
The bulls sometimes lay claim to the cowboy’s equipment!
Young ropers learn to be handy.
Fast horses and faster corners!

All in all, the Ruthville Rodeo was full of action and fun. Be sure to check out the full gallery in the Equine 2008 Events section!

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