Attention Rodeo & Equine Clients.

Due to limited gallery space, About You Photography equine event galleries will only remain online for 30 days. After 30 days the gallery will be removed and archived.

For our equine event clients, we recommend purchasing your photos within 30 days of the final gallery posting to secure the best prices. After 30 days, online galleries will be removed. You have the option to purchase photos after a gallery has been removed for a $25 reinstatement fee. This fee will be a credit toward your purchase if placed within 14 days of the gallery being reinstated. Once a gallery is reinstated if will remain online for 30 days from the final images being uploaded and then removed.

Please note: Although the images may no longer be online we do retain photos of your events starting at the beginning of 2008. Please call us for more details if you are no longer able to locate your gallery. We appreciate your business.

Because we have just discovered the roof of our upload capacity ourselves, we have put a date stamp in each gallery description for this year as this is a newly implemented policy.  You have to that date (It will be different for many of the galleries depending upon when they were shot) to order before the archiving of that gallery is done.

About You Photography

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