The Perfect Christmas Gift For Equine People!

Are you looking for that perfect Christmas gift for the competitor who has everything? Well, I’m having a crazy day and thought I’d put this out there for you as a Christmas gift option!

Custom made textured painted images 8X10s for $26.00 plus shipping. Each image is created individually. I do not use any paint by number programs. Each image is individually created pixel by pixel and does take although I guarantee delivery before Nov 30th, 2008. Normally an 8×10 painting is $68.00.

You can order these until NOVEMBER 10TH 2008 But I do recommend that you contact me as soon as possible as I do a lot of these during the holiday season. What do I need to get you request done? The complete gallery name and number under the image of your choice.

These are textured and archival products. What does that mean? That means they will last forever with proper care.

If you have an image you took that you want commissioned by me, please contact me at to find out what I need to make a successful custom image for you!

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