Bridal Tip #4 Face The Crowd

Okay Brides and Grooms…Think about this.

You invited EVERYONE you know and care about and EVERYONE both sets of parents know and care about. You’ve hired a photographer, who like the rest of the people watching you say your vows…will NOT be standing beside whoever is presiding over your event right next to you. If your church or location is like most, no one will be able to see your faces or even hear the soft murmuring of your vows as you declare your intentions for each other. They won’t see you light your candles or pour the sand if you’re having a sand ceremony.
SO…Consider these simple things…

It’s really very simple. Ask your officiant if you can face the crowd during the ceremony. Trust me, you’ll be too busy staring at your intended to notice the difference between staring at the wall or facing the crowd. I certainly was! For your kiss, and the exchange of the rings, see if the officiant would possibly stand to one side so that the photographer can get great clear shots of you exchanging rings….you are paying him or her to be there after all! It’s a special moment! When lighting the candles or pouring sand, stand to the side of the candle or jar so that the crowd can see it between you. It will make them more a part of everything and make the entire ceremony more special and meaningful for everyone attending.
I suggest just asking your officiant if these very small, simple, yet elegant and thoughtful changes can be added to your ceremony. After all, many of these people traveled from afar, bought you fantastic gifts and have been a meaningful part of your life since birth. Allow them to truly see these very special moments on your very special day!


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