Do You Have A Ranching Or Other Agricultural Business?

I have a lot of friends and clients who are ranchers, farmers, trainers, and have other ag related businesses. Something I hear from them a lot is “I have to wait to get my website updated all at once so it doesn’t cost me so much”. Meaning that they pay a web designer to maintain their website for them. I even belong to an association of ranchers who say the same thing….They accumulate tons of stuff to change on the website (sometimes months!) when the information and images they are collecting could be doing them a great service if it was OUT ON THE WEB IMMEDIATELY!
Now, we all know that in today’s world, a website is a must. You pretty much have to have one to reach every potential client because everyone…to include my 90 Plus year old grandmother… is web savvy.

So how can you update your website information, post pictures to show new products, have special announcements and more? What are reading this information on RIGHT NOW? Yes!
Seriously folks. You can update it a million times a day and it won’t cost you a dime. You can post that cute picture of the new born foal as soon as you get back in the house with your camera instead of waiting 3 months when you do your quarterly website changes and the foal has changed so much. You can post information on things that have changed, updates on your sales, results of your horses or cattle winning, a new service your growing farm might offer…immediately and from your own computer. You don’t need to know any of that fancy “HTML” or as I like to call it “HELL” script to get it done either.
There is SO much you can do with a blog…on a personal basis as well as a business asset. I’m here to highly recommend it.
And there are so many choices for blogs out there. I recommend for the individual just starting out to start with That’s where I started and I learned so much as well as got addicted to blogging. I am now with yes, for several other reasons as they suit my business very well with the photography. But I also have a wordpress blog for my design business as well as the primary website for my stallion, Whistler. I do have to get some more stuff up on that one however!

Just think of it. A very simple web asset you can update as much as you want with whatever you want whenever you want…and it doesn’t cost you any money. LOL You’ll be able to have me out to do a farm or ranch shoot and post the images as soon as you get them instead of waiting and waiting and waiting for your web designer who might be working a 30 different sites before yours. You can make it as simple as you want and change it IF you choose to as you grow more confident in your blogging skills.
Every part of the Ag industry needs to keep up with the changing technology and this is some technology that can really benefit it!

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