Due to recent website changes, we have had to make the difficult choice to only post our rodeo galleries for 30 days.  We have managed to explain to our provider that we can not just suddenly change the policies we’ve always had in place and just end all the galleries so they are allowing us an extended time for adjustment for our clients.  So, tonight we are reloading all the rodeo and event images from this summer UNTIL DEC 15TH!

What does this mean?  This means that on Dec 15th, we will be deleting the galleries according to our providers new policies.  After Dec 15th, we will be paying a per gallery fee to our provider that means we will have to have a minimum order of $25 to reload the gallery so that we don’t actually go in the hole on our images.

Please let your fellow rodeo association member know!  It is a blessing that our provider is allowing us to expand our notice time to our clients!  Thank goodness for that.


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