Thank you all!

I have to say thank you to all of you! I can’t believe the kind words and thoughts that have been sent my way, the visitors and flowers and …. wine(!) and diva PJs and chocolate and penguins and rabbits (Kid’s toys ROCK in a hospital!). And the staff here at Trinity Hospital has been amazing. They’ve been so kind in listening to my whining and whimpering! NO, I do not suffer silently! And my poor husband, from not even being told that I was going to the ER to putting up with my crabbiness here in the hospital. Thank you! Everyone has been so wonderful, I can’t even express how I feel. Hopefully, I’ll be home this evening (Keep your fingers crossed!) but will pretty much be out of commission until the first of the new year.
Here is an awful picture of me sitting in my hospital bed, after a week with no showers, no washed hair, and very little movement. Please laugh with me, because if I don’t laugh when I look at that picture, I might cry! And it was taken on my laptop’s eye cam….so the quality is not what my work IS. LOL But I guess someone in my position can’t be too fussy or choosy, right?
All of you keep safe!


  1. Hi Michelle,
    Actually for all you’ve been through and the pain you must be in, you look really great!! Hope you will be going home tonight 🙂

    Take Care,

  2. Hey, you do look good from what I heard had happened to you. You must be a tougher “Ol’ bird” then I thought!! Hope your feeling better and stronger everyday.

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