New Product Recommendation From Me!

I love to let my friends know about products and services I discover and fall in love with OR out of love with (Remember the Moon Sand!)!
Anyway, let me describe this latest greatest service I have fallen in love with!
Our ranch and home is basically out in the middle of the country. All towns that have movie rental places are long distances away, so the chances of us renting a movie, watching it and then getting it back before late fees apply are at about ZERO percent! I think we’ve spent more in late fees in the last year than we did in the actual movie rental fees. This is very frustrating for me! And for us, especially when I hit my slow season because the rodeos and weddings are over for the year, and we bring the cows home from summer and fall grazing, and the snow flies and it’s too darned cold outside to just be outside for the sake of being outside…we watch movies together as a family. And during calving season which starts in late Feb for us, there is always someone awake pulling hour checks for cows in trouble or newborns, it’s a way to relieve a bit of boredom when everything else is caught up.
So, on a whim, last month, I decided to experiment with It’s SO EASY and SO CHEAP for us! NO DARNED LATE FEES! And it’s as simple as going to our mail box at the end of the drive way (Even if the drive way is almost two miles long!).
I think it would be different for us if we lived in town or even closer to a town with a rental store…but for us, out here on the ranch, I can’t even express how awesome the ease and convenience of it!
And NO! I do NOT get a kick back for telling you this! LOL
If I see or hear of a new movie that isn’t even out yet, I can go into the site and put it on my “to be shipped” list and when it comes out, it will be shipped! I think I have like 100 movies on my list and as we watch them and send them back, the next movie at the top is shipped out to us.
They also so have every type of movie you can imagine and all sorted for great ease of locating and putting them in the cue for sending!
Here is a big TWO THUMBS UP from me and my family for NETFLIX.COM!

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