The Past…

One of the most wonderful people in my life passed away in 2008. It broke my heart and, because of circumstances, I was forced to miss the funeral. She was my grandmother and was my rock. She was 101 years old and had a very hard life. She gave everything she had to her family. Some appreciated it, some did not. She was a woman who went without a lot more than she should have. She put up with a lot and gave everything she had.
Well, I was sent some very old family images to see if I could scan and make copies of (non-copyrighted of course) and today, I was able to work with some of them. Wow…my father, his brothers and sisters (some of them), some of the horses and dogs they had. Talk about stepping back in time. It most certainly was a different life back then…
I thought I’d share. Perhaps there are those here who like old images as much as me.
God bless you Grandma. I love and miss you.
And a Few More…

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