Choosing Your Wedding Photographer…

Choosing your wedding photographer is not an easy choice.
Your photography is the lasting visual memory of your special
day and deserves to be treat as and thought of as the Art it is.
After all, you don’t go through all the wedding day festivities
wanting to just put a bunch of 4X6’s in a photo album, did you?

You want a wonderful professionally designed coffee table
album you can show off and look at over and over again. You
want lovely artistic images that adorn your walls and cover
your shelves. These images are the lasting visual memory of your
special day filled with loved ones.

The quality of those images will have a direct affect on you
emotionally. Quality is directly affected by years of experience,
knowledge and comfort with the right equipment, continuing
education in photography, and an intense desire to capture your
day as the unique and special experience it is. That is what
I do. I provide you with the quality, artistic images you want
and deserve. By studying with some of the world’s for most
wedding photographers, I continue my education and improving
my art through gaining new knowledge in technique and technology.

My unique style is a combination of traditional, photo journalistic,
candid and artistic visions, providing you with images that you
will love. I understand that your parents and grandparents will
still want the traditional images as well, and we make sure those
are taken.

I’m a strong believer that you get out of your photography what
you put into it. If you are bored and upset, your images will
reflect boredom. On the other hand, if you’re having fun and
are smiling and laughing, your images will reflect the happiness
and fun of the day. It’s your day to be a diva! Do it with style
and joy! Don’t be afraid to jump in the air, show a little leg,
flirt outragously with your beloved. In fact, I suggest that you
do! I so dislike being bored myself so I will do everything I
can to help your day run smoothly and make it a great

I will suggest ton’s of things, from different locations,
including your hobbies and lifestyles, your loves and passions.
Be silly! Be romantic! BE YOURSELF! And tell me what
your ideas are! Cut pictures out of magazines, e-mail me links
to images you have found and like on the internet. Tell me what
your dream image is! I LOVE TO TRY NEW THINGS! It’s
a passion of mine!

Oh, there is so much to be excited about and to look forward to!
Not just your photography, but a lifetime together. All brides
and grooms who have About You Photography shoot their
weddings receive 10% off of their future photography needs
for life. This includes birth photography (!), family pictures,
Christmas and special event photography. What a great
way to continue the special relationship you and your family
will have with About You Photography.
About You Photography

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