Wedding Tip 2

So you’re venturing out to find that dream dress…From personal experiance as both a bride and a photographer, let me make a suggestion or two or even three!

First of all, take one of those little digital cameras with you and while you have each dress on, take a picture of it on you from all four sides. Go home and sleep on it, then look at the images. That dream dress that you have always pictured in your mind, might not be as flattering on your figure as you might have hoped, or you might decide that the giant bow on the backside takes away from what is truly important…YOU!
Look at these images of all sides objectively. Keep an open mind. There may have been a dress that you at one point might have never thought would be “you” or would be what you would look the greatest in, but ends up being simply stunning on you.
By taking those images home and studying them the next day or two, you are avoiding the “IMPULSE BUY”…A dress might be cool on the rack, or even for a few hours after you try it on…but is it really the one?

I hope this has helped a bit!

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