A Beautiful And Thoughtful Letter From A Bride

Yesterday, I received this wonderful e-mail from one of the beautiful brides I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

“Even before we were engaged, I knew Bruce and I had to have Michelle photograph our wedding. With her western background and artistic ability, there would have been no one else who would have captured it so perfectly. Before making any other arrangements after the question was popped, I booked Michelle!

The day of the wedding, which was scheduled to be outdoors, it was chilly and raining (at times down-pouring). It was raining so hard on the way out to the wedding site the windshield wipers on the pickup could hardly keep up. When we got there, one of the first people I saw was Michelle. She came in the motor home with the wedding party and assured me that the sun was peeking out over the other side of the hill. As soon as the rain let up, we hi-tailed it to the edge of the cliff for some scenic photos. We were interrupted once by rain, and resumed photos one more time.

My husband-to-be that day commented that, any other photographer would not have made this happen without driving everyone nuts! Meaning, she stayed calm, cool and collected, getting all the shots we wanted and all the shots she needed.

She asked me countless times throughout the day if I was OK and if I needed anything (I apologize, Michelle, for my rude, sarcastic response after the 476,567th time you asked me!).

We really knew we had hired the right person for the job when she hopped on the back of a horse w/her camera and followed the wagons and teams to the reception hall.

And, as I knew they would be, the photos from that wonderful day were fabulous. I still look through the albums often, as I will for many years to come.

Thanks Michelle for capturing the best day of our or my, anyway – life…I guess I shouldn’t speak for my husband!

Bruce & Amanda Lea
Williston, ND”

Here is a link to their wedding gallery.

Such a wonderful praise from a fellow photographer is so wonderful to get!  Amanda and Bruce’s letter actually brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you both so much for being who you are, as adventurous as you are, and for having such a wonderful sense of humor about the weather on your wedding day!  The rain storms actually added to it!  I LOVED IT AND I LOVE YOUR IMAGES!.


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