A Brief Break In The Action

I haven’t been here much this summer, have I?  It’s not that I mean to neglect the blog.  Seriously.  Honestly, I’ve been so busy.  I’m living on the road!  The photography has been amazing this year.  There is nothing  better than a Brides and Bulls weekend.  =-)  What does that mean, you may wonder?   It means me running for 3 days and nights straight, photographing every possible situation you can imagine from the most beautiful women in the country to some of the badest bulls to buck in a rodeo arena.  And I love it.  I do.  It makes my heart beat and my eyes shine!  LOL  Aren’t I silly?

But this past weekend, I put the brakes on for a bit and my and my children took a tour around the Jamestown area.  What a fantastic town!  My daughter said it had an “old west” feel to it.  I thought that was quite an accurate description for a 10 year old.  I have to agree!

We ventured downtown during the classic car showcase that was going on.  Oh my…how fantastic it was!  Those beautiful cars!  It made me drool!  I wanted to just jump in and cruise up and down the drag with music and great friends.  It was wonderful!  Of course,  I had the camera with me.  And, over a series of blog posts, I will be sharing the images I photographed.  Here is the first group!  Can you guess what cars really caught my fancy?  LOL  Eventually, I’ll show you THE VEHICLE that captured my children’s imagination and love!  You’ll be … amazed!  LOL  MAYBE!


Michellea   3151 w

a   3158 w

a   3159 w

a   3161 w

a   3162 w

a   3164 w

a   3165 w

a   3167 w

a   3168 w

a   3169 w

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