Bear Den Road

While out in Watford City last weekend, I managed to grab a few hours to spend with my Dad while I was there. He surprised me with a little road trip to an area he gets to see quite a bit and has fallen in love with. He knew I would too. Here is a quick glimpse of Bear Den Road. Rudland 1
We spent the trip ooohhhhing and aaawwwwing over the beautiful views! It was rainy out and he actually apologized to me that it wasn’t clear and sunny, but I LOVE how it looks! The colors are so saturated, everything has a certain feel that really suited the scenery.
Can you imagine being one of the first settlers in this country to come up to this? I wonder what they thought!
Dad and I talked about how fun it would be to take some time off and with a couple of good solid horses and pack animals, spend a week down in this just exploring.
Rudland 2
That would have been so fun!
Of course, that’s when he said to “Watch For Snakes….”
Rudland 3
That creeped me out a bit. I do NOT like snakes…in any form or size. We found this skin lying on the road and I was checking it out as I made disgusted noises. That’s when he said…”Just think…it shed that and is now bigger!”
I got back into the truck!
Thankfully, since it was a bit cold and rainy that day, there wasn’t a snake to be found where ever we went….But I still kept my eyes moving on the ground!
I can’t wait to go back and really explore!

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