Leeanne was kind enough to capture a few moments of me freezing this past Saturday at one of the last Ranch Rodeo events of the year. This was at the TNT Arena north of Granville by Cyndi’s TNT Restaurant…(I SO LOVE THE FOOD THERE!)
As you can see, I appear cold…lol…I was…even though several wonderful cowboys kept adding layers of clothing to my already layered and puffy look. Thanks Guys! They really take such wonderful care of me!
I did a bit of trailer surfing….I do like to trailer surf…
Michelle on Trailer
Trailer surfing involves me standing on the top of one of the trailers to get the best possible shots of the entire arena and so that just about no space is hidden from my view. It also adds a certain artistic and seldom seen view of some of the action, especially if the critters are being loaded into the trailer I’m on.
And here I am trying to keep warm on the fence….See how puffy I look?
Me 3
Apparently, I was also making a fashion statement about my beloved boots too, ’cause I showed them off in such a way all day.
This is me working on doing a few different things at once…not to shiver, not to fall off of the fence, not to get taken out by a rope, all while working to capture the perfect image.
Me 1
I did all except for stay warm. LOL I’m aways a wimp when it first comes to the temps dropping in the fall!
And, every once in a while, if I can do it without missing a shot, and without getting run over, I’ll pick up a cowboy’s hat to make sure it doesn’t get stomped.
Me 2
That’s me, just trying to help out whenever I can! LOL

I have to say THANK YOU LEEANNE! The images rock! You are wonderful!


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