Dakota 50 50 Futurity And Sale Images Are Done!

About You Photography is introducing a “COMMERCIAL LICENSE SPECIAL” for the breeders of the Dakota 50 50.

Here are the details….

$200 includes ALL of the full sized digital negatives of one horse. This includes Halter, Rail, and Formals. The second horse is $150.

This purchase includes the commercial rights to promote their ranch and horse in print or on the web. These rights are non-transferable. The negatives can not be given to anyone who purchases the horse in the future.

No images can be sold, given, or other wise passed on to a third party for any form of printing or advertising of any other ranch, product, website decoration or enhancement, etc.

If any third party is wanting to purchase any form of rights, they must do so with About You Photography. Original copyright remains with About You Photography at all times. Proper credit must be given to About You Photography at all times.

Any riders or training wishing to have the ability to print and use any images at will must purchase the commercial rights to the specific images they want to use.

What Is Needed…

The number of the horse who’s gallery is being purchased.

Payment Options — Paypal … Please add 3% to cover paypal fees.
CD — Please add $5 for shipping
Flash Drive — Please Add $5 for shipping

A copy of the purchase agreement will be e-mailed to you to sign and mail back to me. A copy of this will be placed in your flash drive or CD.

This is an amazing deal as normally, commercial license is $65 per image.

***This deal can also include horses from past 50 50 Events.

***Please remember that the purchase of any physical print is just that…the purchase of a physical piece of paper. About You Photography does not allow the duplicating, scanning, copying, photographing or any form of duplication of our physical prints of any form. If you want to be able to duplicate, please purchase the appropriate license. Our images are protected by federal copyright laws and are strictly enforced.

If you do purchase a physical print, About You Photography will create a Face Book gallery for you to link to for your own Face Book page. Those Face Book images are strictly for Face Book use only. They can not be e-mailed, passed on, printed in any format or used for any sort of web advertising.

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