“Personal Printing Authorization” & “Commercial Licensing” as in how it applies to About You Photography

I am frequently asked about clients “getting the copyright to images” that I have taken. Let me start out by saying that I do NOT sell or give the copyright to any image I take, manipulate, or create. Period. If it is my work, it’s my copyright. I think everyone feels that way if they create a piece of intellectual property.

In a nutshell, I retain all copyrights to all of my images until 70 years AFTER I die. That means I control my images for that time frame.

“Personal Printing Authorizations” means, that I grant the ability to PRINT an image for personal use only. It can not be used for advertising, web advertising, store displays, magazine displays, selling any sort of product. Digital negatives (what a person might receive on a cd or flash drive) can not be distributed, passed on, given away, sold, used for book covers, cd covers, etc to anyone, any organization, for any reason. It is strictly for the original buyer’s PERSONAL ENJOYMENT. Nothing more. Proper credit must be given to About You Photography at all times.

“Commercial Licensing” as it pertains to About You Photography can be purchased on some images. If a client purchases Commercial Licensing from About You Photography, the buyer has purchased the right to use the purchased image for advertising their horse, product, food, etc in magazine and print advertising as well as web advertising as well. With my clients, that normally includes ranch websites, sale websites, restaurants and menus, wall displays. What this does NOT include is the ability to resell the images/digital negatives for any sort of purpose. If a paper/magazine wants to get the image to advertise or use in their publication or websites for any purpose that is not direct advertising of the original client, they must be referred back to About You Photography for that purchase/ability. About You Photography must be given credit for the image at all times not matter what use the image/digital negative is being used for. If an image is shown to a modeling agency or other recruiting center and that center wants to be able to use the image, those rights must be purchased by the agency from About You Photography. No client at any time can grant or sell any rights to anyone. All inquires must come back to About You Photography. If any other form of artist wants to recreate the image in ANY FORMAT, they must be referred back to About You Photography.

About You Photography does NOT allow any paintings, drawings, sketches, manipulations, of our work…period. If you want a painting of a particular image, engraving, etc, you must come to About You Photography.

In the same manner, About You Photography does not allow any scanning, copying or duplication of any kind of any physical prints purchased. To do so is theft. Even to put on your face book page.

This is how it is regarding photography, which is intellectual property of the creator. This is the same with music (remember all the lawsuits and prosecutions in the last years regarding stolen music)? And, Movies? And so on? The same rules apply to still photography.

Something to think about is that those same copyright rules apply to YOUR images too. Copyright is the creator’s from the moment the photograph is taken. It does not even have to be seen yet, all it has to do is exist in some form to be a copyright protected image. That my friends, is a very good thing. It gives you control over your creations.

Each studio/photographer can and may have different requirements of everything I have listed here. If you ever have any question, I suggest that you contact the photographer in question, and ask them what their policies are.

About You Photography

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