The Ulitimate Christmas Gift

4X6 Images From This Rodeo Are Available On A Disk. $125.00 Plus tax and shipping. These can be used for face book, personal websites, my space pages, and e-mailing as well as your own printing. THIS IS PERSONAL USE ONLY. No reproduction of any disk is permitted. These images can not be used for magazine submissions, or magazine promotional material. You must come to About You Photography for all of those uses. Proper credit must always be given to A bout You Photography. No scanning or other form of reproduction of any physical image purchased from About You Photography is allowed.

Qualifications (No exceptions made).
–Rodeo’s can not be combined. (Only 1 rodeo per disk)
–Up to 10 images per disk
–One Immediate Family per disk. (husband,wife,direct children only)
–These are basic images. No editing.
–Additional images $20 per image.

Images can not be manipulated in any manner or combined for any reason. Collages must be purchased through About You Photography. Photographer’s signature can not be removed for any reason.

Purchase disks from 2 rodeos and get a third rodeo disk free! The buy 2 get one free offer is good thru Dec 15th ONLY. No exceptions.

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