Professional Photography and how it pertains to you and your business and non-business images.

Recently, the issue of copyright has graced our lives. And copyright is an important thing to all of us, as professional photographers and as non-photographers. I did a random search of photographers and could not find a professional photographer who does not have a copyright policy
stated somewhere on their websites. Here are just a few great and respected photographer’s pages I found as examples in a quick 5 minute search.

In a nutshell, virtually every photographer I have met, network with, come across, etc
has a copyright policy. You man not realize it, or you may not want to realize it, but it’s
there. And compared to many parts of the country, North Dakota Professional Photographers
charge much less for commercial licensing than other places.

At any time, an image is put on to a ranch website, a sale website or blog, basically any website
that is not a face book or my space page, or is associated with a business or service of any sort, it
is considered a commercial use, and commercial licensing applies. It is the same with printed advertising on fliers, catalogs, and magazines.

A person may not like the fact that photographs are copyright protected by federal law, but that
dislike does not erase the face that those images are protected by federal copyright laws.

Think of it this way…..say someone breeds a mare to your stallion and has ONE foal. Does that give that mare’s owner to come back and re-breed that mare for free several more times? Same concept, different product. Say you’re a trainer and you train one horse for one person. They turn around and claim you trained all their horses, good or bad…is that right? Say you’re the owner of a tack store…and someone purchases one shirt or saddle. They come back and take all of those shirts or saddles while only paying for one….is that right? Same concept, different product.

If you are a pro photographer reading this, please add your link to your policy in the comments area.

Copyright is all over the news today. It is in the front few pages of every book you read, it’s on each cd you listen to, at each movie you watch. Copyright is something we are all aware of. It’s only a matter of acknowledging how it directly affects you.


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