Finding The Correct Image/File Numbers

There is a correct place to find the actual file number of the image you are wanting to purchase. Why is it important to have the correct file number if you’re ordering over the phone or via e-mail? Because you don’t want to order the wrong file, of course!
Here is what the screen looks like when you open it on our site ….

That’s great. So, let’s say you have the image you want to purchase clicked on so that it is the large image to the left of all the thumb nails. Directly UNDER that large image is the file number, as circled in this shot in yellow.

This file number should not be confused with the numbers ABOVE the image as circled in Red in this shot. Those are just random numbers that may or may not be accurate in the counting of the image depending upon how the gallery is set up to be displayed, which is different depending upon About You Photography’s display needs in relation to that particular gallery.

In a nutshell, just remember, the correct file number is UNDER the image, NOT over it!

About You Photography

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