Velva Sweetheart Supper & Dance & Running Roans

Now everyone knows that the Rodeo Club down in Velva puts on a great rodeo, events all year long for young people as well as those of us who might be a little long in the tooth, and an awesome ranch rodeo. And they hold an amazing Super and Dance each year as well. It is actually one of my all time favorite social events of the year. The Velva people are so great and honestly, they spoil me rotten! And yes, I love every second of it! They make me feel like one of them and it’s wonderful!
Well, this year, unfortunate, it looks like I can not make it, however, I am going to provide them with something for their silent auction.
This is “Running Roans” Print #2…(Jim and Rose have Print #1). This is a fantastic textured 10X30 inch art print of my painting Running Roans. There is nothing like beautiful horses running free, and this print represents that incredible beauty and pride the equine world has. These animals showcase the beauty that those of us who ride and love horses understand deep down in our hearts.
Simply … beautiful.
So make sure you make it down to Velva for the Sweethearts Dance on Friday, Feb 12th. You’ll have an amazing time and be helping a great rodeo club and the future of rodeo all the way around.

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