Our New Signature & Referral Cards!

These are awesome!  What a great way to share a favorite image with your friends and family!  Each regular session we photograph receives a set of 49 referral cards which feature our favorite image from the session artistically designed!  You give these to your friends and family.  If 10 of these cards are used to book a regular session with About You Photography, you receive a FREE regular session!  We have clients who have never paid for a session other than their very first one!

Our Signature cards are awesome too!  Made of the same thick, high quality paper and amazing unique artistic design work centered around the chosen image, you choose the image of your choice and we create the ultimate signature card for you!  The back has your information on it. It can feature your name, phone number, e-mail address, mailing address, face book page, website etc.  Whatever you choose!  These come in 49 a set and cost $65!  98 of them cost $98!

These are fun and unusual.  Many of our seniors choose these rather than regular wallets because of how unique and artistic they are.

So, make sure you contact us today so we can get your session set up!


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