Signature Collages & Signature Calanders!

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These Signature Collages are an original Michelle Rudland creation. Any others anywhere else are an imitation! Get yours from the original!

********THE NUMBER OF IMAGES YOU CHOOSE IS IN DIRECT CORRELATION TO THE SIZE OF THE IMAGE. YOU CAN NOT REDUCE THE FINAL SIZE OF THE IMAGE WITHOUT REDUCING THE NUMBER OF IMAGES. There are many more examples to show, but we can’t post them yet as they are gifts! Have another size or crop in mind? Contact us for a quote today. Collages are special order items that can not be purchased on-line. Please e-mail us with the specific file numbers of the images you want combined into a collage so that we can work with exactly the images you are wanting.

About You Photography can create a signature collage using your own images as well. The quality of your images does directly affect the final result. The largest possible sized digital files are required. We are not responsible for the size and quality of the images submitted.

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