Helen & Rudy’s Birthday-Reunion Coffee Table Book

Finally.  Isn’t it funny how everything important in your own life gets put on hold when you run your own business?  It kind of sucks!  But I finally got it done!  This was a hard book for me to create.  I know it was because it was about my beloved Grandmother, her amazing husband Rudy, and all of my relatives I have not seen forever.  As simple as the book is…I slammed my head against a wall over every page.

I wanted to keep the book simple, as it’s very personal for me.  No distractions, and my own tastes lead to a more simple aspect than filled with tons of stuff.  If you notice, butterflies make appearances through out the book.  That’s because my Grandmother is the Butterfly Lady of North Dakota.  She has been an avid researcher and tracker of the Monarch Butterfly for various universities.  She’s made the journey down to Mexico a few times to climb the mountain in which all of those lovely butterflies accumulate annually.  It’s amazing.  She’s also an avid gardener and educator and educatee.  The woman is sharp!  LOL  Never debate her!  She’s…amazing.  And Rudy is amazing.  I don’t know Rudy as much as I would like to, but if Grandma loves him, than he’s one of the greatest men in the world!

I love you both!


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