About You Photography’s Tips & Tricks For Brides & Grooms!

This is an accumulation of our various tips and tricks from what we have observed and learned over the years of capturing wonderful weddings!

Did you know that Photographers & Venues are the two things that book the fastest when it comes to planning a wedding? That means that putting those decisions off is not good! Do yourself a favor and start looking as soon as you choose a wedding date!

When trying on different wedding dresses, bring a camera along. Take a picture of yourself from each side in each dress you try on. Wait a few days, then look at each image. You might find that the dress you love is not the one you thought. You could stumble into the “perfect” dress and not realize it until a few days… later.And, you might find that your “dream” dress is NOT really your dream dress!

Another thing to consider when going out to find that perfect dress…arrange your hair the way you think you want it for the day….up, pulled back, a messy bun, loose and romantically curled…doesn’t have to be pro done. But your hair style WILL affect how you feel about the over all final look and could influence what dress you choose!  Same with your makeup!

Brides….A time saving tip…have your formal & family images done BEFORE the ceremony. WHY? Because after your ceremony, you’re gonna wantta get ON WITH THE CELEBRATION! People disappear after a ceremony as well! Details etc to get taken care of. We arrange for a “first look” where the bride & groom, privately wh…ich is usually easier on the groom! And, it’s more private and romantic!

When I ask a bride to do something they find to be unusual, it’s because I’m looking for the absolute BEST possible artistic image as well as unique possibilities! No one wants blah and boring images! It’s not our grandparents wedding photography anymore! So jump in the air, lay on the ground, climb up on the object…. Strike a pose! And E-N-J-O-Y!!!!!!

If a bride and groom don’t want to see each other before a ceremony, that’s not a problem! Just remember that it will limit the time frame after the ceremony for images and travel time, etc to the reception! And…Be SURE that ALL family members & bridal party members know to stay after the ceremony no matter what so… they don’t miss out on important images!

Brides & Grooms…Incorporate your lifestyle into your wedding images. If you golf, rodeo, work at a Zoo…Let’s go for it! After all, this is WHO YOU ARE! PERIOD! Pets? Let’s capture some images with them! The Upper-Mid-West offers so much for our lifestyles. Every type of lifestyle. And it makes everything so much more YOU!

Ladies…Consider a pair of fabulous bright colored high heels to wear for a few dramatic wedding images. It’s amazing how a pair of bright pink, cobalt blue, or sexy red heels will make the right images just POP!

Grooms! We can’t forget about you! What do YOU and your friends do? Are you farmers, ranchers, computer geeks (like me!)! Do you golf, ride motorcycles, do keg stands? Let’s get YOUR life into these images too! Ride bulls, broncs? Rope calves? Bring it on!

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