Babies! Babies! Babies Everywhere!

Here at About You Photography, we LOVE LOVE LOVE babies!  They are so perfect!  So cute!  So giggly!  So squishy!  And…every now and again, kind of smelly!  LOL  It’s a package deal, right Moms?   Here Are The Rules!

And we were blessed to have so many entries into our baby contest!  Our judges will have from today until Sept 7th to review the images.  The judges know nothing about any of these babies or their families.  In fact, our judges are from places far far FAR away!  LOL  So here are our entries!


So now, we are turning these lovely images over to our judges for them to study and make their final decision!

Every one of these children are perfect!  Beautiful!  Sweet!  Rolly Polly!  Adorable!  And makes me want to pick ’em up and hug ’em!

Let us know your personal favorite!

And keep your eye open for future contests!


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