‘Tis Almost The Season!

Can you believe it’s this time of year?????  WOW!  Where did it go???

We’ve started getting inquiries regarding our FANTASTIC unique Holiday Card designs so it’s time to start sharing our one of a kind, unqiue Holiday thoughts with all of you!  Here is one of them!  It’s FANTASTIC!

Called Snow Flakes #1.  Yup, you guessed it…we’re gonna design a few more that coordinate with this one!  It’s awesome!

It has a back as well that we can add a second image and message on as well!  Here, we decided to wish a Happy New Years!

So get a hold of us!  Let’s get your card designed!  Something we do as well with our holiday cards, which we don’t do for anything is else, is create cards with your own images as well.  Details are HERE.

Enjoy!  And Please…don’t wait for the last moment!  Get your holiday sessions (Our studio/location is PERFECT for those family images as well as unique and economical!) arranged soon so we can create a unique design for your card, get it printed at our professional lab and delivered to you in plenty of time for the holidays!

Hey…that reminds me…I’d better get my own family gathered up….


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