NOT Your Average Wallets!

This is a double sided press printed wallet of a brother and sister!  Aren’t these fantastic?  SO MUCH COOLER NICER MORE MEMORABLE than those average BLAHHH images we all get from the traditional school photographer.  YUCK!

Here is our version!  If you have two kids, you can put one  on each side with a customized design to suit your tastes.  These are just two examples.  If you have one kid, or more, you can put two images of the child on each card (one on front, one on back!) for some cool differant options that your family and friends will LOVE!  And such a fantastic memory!

And, we custom create amazing pieces similar to this or as wild and crazy as you want for gallery wraps, float wraps, and more all the way up to 20X30 inch prints!  Want something incredibly FANTASTIC to hang on your wall????  Here you go!  Why settle for blah, average, and ordinary, when the images you give to your family and friends as well as hang on your wall can kick some serious butt!


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