Usborne Books

An awesome Christmas gift recommendation from me to you….

Usborne Books….FANTASTIC!

Last week, I participated in a small local show to get a bit more local exposure for my business.  It was fun, cold, but fun.

Here  is my hastily thrown together booth…I didn’t decide to participate until practically the day before and used what limited materials I literally had in the back room.

But right across the aisle from me, was a woman named Shana, who had a booth of Usborne Books.  I fell in love with those books the moment I saw a book with the title…”Everyone Poops”…It was so neat!  =0)

I just had to browse.  So I journeyed across the aisle and snooped, and laughed, and oooohhhheeeddd and aaaawwwweeeedddd….and was completely hooked.

I found this book about tractors…

Please excuse the poor photography.  I was giggling so hard and too impatient to do a proper set up.

This book came with it’s own little wind up tractor.  And…for good reason…cause this awesome book comes with it’s own fields to till….

It’s so FUN!  Right away, I thought of my beloved little nephew Wyatt…who already has EVERYTHING on the face of the Earth, to include being a big brother to a set of twins.

This particular book also comes with characters that can be arranged upon the various tracks and fields, providing a little interactive world.

I think he’s gonna LOVE it.  He’s such a typical little boy!  Born with cars and boy behavior ingrained into his genetics.

But don’t let that deter you!  They have TONS of books specific for girls too!  And lots of books that are not gender specific at all. I just happened to be looking for boy stuff this time!

These books are just amazing.  The quality, the interactive nature.

I am 100% impressed!

Of course, like most things for small children, it’s our place as adults to make sure we are with them when playing with toys, games and books so that they are completely safe.  Goodness knows those little ones love to try to eat everything they come into contact with!

It’s all about exploring the world around them!  And these books are a wonderful start!

Here is a link to Shana’s website.  Visit it! And let her know that Michelle sent you!

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