Dear God

To me, it seems the natural disasters that are happening across the country as well as across the world have increased ten fold. From extreme droughts to extreme flooding and tornadoes, I don’t understand.
Now, once again, we are praying for friends, family, as well as strangers in our North Dakota flood zone. It seems like we just got over the hump and it’s right back at us. I don’t understand God’s plan, but I have to believe he has one for these poor people and their families. After all, his plan for me and my children was very blurry for quite some time, and for a while, I even thought he had abandoned us, but in the long run, he provided us with a better, happier, more positive life.
I can only pray that is his plan for all of those in the flood’s path. Please Lord help them. Keep them strong. Provide them with some relief, both externally as well as internally. They need you, even if, just like me, they don’t always understand.

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