The Beginning Of A Rough Stock Career!

At Blaisdell this year, the kids and I had one of our annual camping trips. These are so fun! Filled with several different rodeos, tons of friends and kids, games, competitions, and just all around good times, we look forward to our camping trips every year.
Little Man hangs out with all of his friends.

They always have the best seats in the house!

They have deep meaningful discussions regarding the life of rodeo and the rough stock.

It’s serious stuff
And as you can see…there are LOT OF FRIENDS to play with!

And this year, he decided it was time for him to start his rough stock career. And where does a young man start rough stock in the youth circuit when he is only 6 years old?
Yup, you guessed it! On a nasty old sheep!

But, he had a few great coaches with years of rough stock experience under their belts to guide him.

So I gave my little cowboy a kiss for luck, a thumbs up, and planted my butt out front and center of his chute, ready to capture every possible second of excitement. I was not sure if he had listened to his coaches through all the excitement enough to hang on long enough to reach me….

Out he came…

Leaning a bit far over the shoulder…but hanging on!

And On!


HEY! You are pretty close to the photographer!

Love his technique!

OH NO! The Mommy Panic starts to set in! The dismount is coming!

OH NO! Will the sheep turn back and try to get him?

Oh thank God! He must not have been a Mexican fighting sheep….

The proud walk back to the chutes after the ride…

High Five Little Man! I’m so proud of you! Look at that grin!
LOL And now…to relax after the ride…just like the big cowboys minus the beer!

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