Frequently Asked Questions


Why do the FB images you put up have your logo and DO NOT PRINT on them? We add those items to each image because we have caught third party companies actually stealing our FB images and using them for advertising purposes. Although we do offer commercial use licensing, there is a proper way to do so and we have found that we have to put those items on our FB images to protect both ourselves as well as our clients.

I just purchased a physical print through your website. Can you please email me the file to use on the internet?
No. Physical prints and files are two separate products. We do put a FB version on FB for tagging purposes, however, it will have our logo and DO NOT PRINT on the image.

We want to be sure we get a special crop of a particular image What can we do to ensure this happens? Please contact us at info@auphoto.net to ensure that we know and understand that you require a special cropping for whatever reason. Our system is automatically set up to crop an image specifically to enhance and compliment the subject matter according to our About You Photography policies. You may require a different cropping or might choose a particular image because of what is actually behind the subject matter in the image. Because of this, we request an e-mail prior to the ordering of an image so that we can crop it specifically for your needs!

I want to purchase the personal printing rights to an image. Can you just send me the image and I’ll pay you later?
No. We can accept paypal, check, or cash prior to the image being e-mailed out to anyone.

ATTENTION SENIORS AND JUNIORS! We want a release for a picture we ordered in paper format.
Can I Use One Of My Sports Images In My Year Book? You need to have first purchased the image in physical format or digital format. If you purchased it in digital then you already have it to provide to the year book. They can print it once and then destroy the copy of the file you gave them. If you have not purchased a digital file of the image, then you need to have purchased a physical copy in a 5X7 format or larger. You then need to provide About You Photography with the e-mail address of the yearbook adviser only. Files will not be e-mailed to anyone else. We will e-mail that file with a one time use authorization for the yearbook to print the image ONLY in the yearbook. At no time can the digital file be given to ANYONE including the individual in the image. If that individual wants a copy of the file, they must purchase the actual digital file. The properly sized and sharpened image along with a ONE TIME PRINTING RELEASE authorizing them to use the image ONE TIME. At no time will the file be sent to any one other than the appropriate adviser and, the image can not be used in any advertising format or be printed or used in anything other than the yearbook.

;”>I want to be able to print my own images? Go Here …. Click

I’m not happy with my resulting images. What can we do?
Let us know! Our policy is to delete all resulting images from the session and reshoot!

What Is A File Number? A File Number is the proper name for an individual file. These are very important when discussing images and files. We photograph several hundred thousand images a year, each with it’s own individual file number and to be able to locate and work with an image, we need the proper identification for that file. The file numbers are located under the image in any gallery when it is large and to the right side of the smaller thumb nails. The numbers above the images have no identifying correlation to the files and can not be used for any identification.

How should we send you the right file numbers? E-mail them to us via regular e-mail. Do not use a word document or an excel document.

Why do I have to pay a retainer fee & sign a contract?
A retainer fee ensures that a client is going to show up for the time frame purposely set aside for them. We do not book any other sessions for that time frame, and if someone just decides not to show up, we lose that portion of our income. And because we are primarily a location service, we also loose our fuel to and from the session location as well. A contract states what you will get as a client, and what we require as a service provider.

Why do you charge the same to edit a 4X6 as you do for a 16X24 inch print?
Because it takes the same amount of time to do the editing for a 4X6 as it does a 16X24 inch print. The same blemishes require the same time and work and programs. The color correction, etc take the same time as well. A 4X6 does not take less time. All rodeo/sports images come with appropriate cropping and signing. Removal of other competitors, backgrounds, etc is extra editing and is charged accordingly as well.

Can’t You Just Fix It In Photo Shop?
In a nutshell, no. We shoot correctly out of the camera to streamline the work time and product after the shoot. We do not change the color of shirts, slacks, or edit backgrounds. We suggest that if you wear glasses you either don’t wear them during the session or have the glass removed from the lenses for the duration of the session. If you want edits such as those, there is a $65 an hour editing fee. Every edit takes time, and we have to justify our time, just like any other business.

Can I Get The Copyright To An Image?
About You Photography can sell a personal or commercial license for an image that spells out what uses an image can be used for. However, we do NOT release copyright. Copyright for every image we have taken is retained by Michelle and About You Photography. Copyright is protected by Federal laws. Our copyright also covers image manipulation. About You Photography does not allow other individuals or photographers to manipulate our images. Personal printing rights is just that. Images can not be given to any other individual or company to change the appearance of any of our images.

I want to use an image About You Photography captured to have another photographer or myself create a collage, cards, invitations, or other personal product. Can I do this?
Yes, if you purchase the personal rights to the digital file and that photographer allows the image to be manipulated by another photographer. At no time can the other photographer change our image in any manner.

I want to purchase the raw original files. Will you sell them?
No…All raw format files are destroyed as soon as we have converted them to a jpg file.

I want an image for a particular type of frame and it needs to be cropped in a special way to fit the frame.
RODEO CONTESTANTS! Remember we always crop and correct rodeo images in a manner that represents the image at it’s absolute best. If…for some reason…you want an image cropped in a specific way for a specific reason….let us know prior to the order so we can work on the crop you need it for and reload it BEFORE you go through with the order! Sometimes, what you need for a particular frame is NOT what we would do to best represent the image! We want to make you THRILLED with your images and provide you with the very best and as visual artists we are very specific on how we normally crop an image!

Why do I need to inform you of the package fulfillment images within 1 month of my gallery being posted on line? Because unfortunately, we have had people put ordering off the images they were to get in a package for a year or longer AFTER the final gallery was posted. And then, they want to place an order in the middle of our busiest times of the year. At times, individuals do not realize that we are very busy and take orders as a first come, first serve situation once we get the final order. This means, even if your session was in May, and you didn’t order until Nov or Dec, you are still in line behind everyone else that placed an order between your session and the date you finally let us know which images you want. It sounds simple and inconsequential, however, we have had individuals who just don’t understand why we can’t put their orders ahead of everyone else who has gotten their orders in a timely manner. To prevent this from happening again, we are implementing (For all sessions starting Dec 1st) our “auto-order system”. What is that? It’s when if someone does not get us the information need to full fill the print part of any session they purchased, About You Photography will chose the images for you. This means About You Photography will choose the 8X10s, 5X7’s, 4X6’s and Wallets that come with the session your purchased if you do not choose them within 1 month of the final gallery being posted.

Can I Use One Of My Sports Images In My Year Book? You need to have first purchased the image in physical format or digital format. If you purchased it in digital then you already have it to provide to the year book. They can print it once and then destroy the copy of the file you gave them. If you have not purchased a digital file of the image, then you need to have purchased a physical copy in a 5X7 format or larger. You then need to provide About You Photography with the e-mail address of the yearbook adviser only. Files will not be e-mailed to anyone else. We will e-mail that file with a one time use authorization for the yearbook to print the image ONLY in the yearbook. At no time can the digital file be given to ANYONE including the individual in the image. If that individual wants a copy of the file, they must purchase the actual digital file. the properly sized and sharpened image along with a ONE TIME PRINTING RELEASE authorizing them to use the image ONE TIME. At no time will the file be sent to any one other than the appropriate adviser and, the image can not be used in any advertising format.

Can I use an image for a newspaper? If a local newspaper is doing an article on you and you wish to use one of About You Photography’s images, it is possible. You are required to purchase the image in physical format first, and provide us with the e-mail address of the newspaper and contact person. We will provide them with a digital file and a one time printing release for the image.

Can I have A FB Image? We provide properly resized, sharpened, and logo bearing FB and Myspace copies of images once a physical print has been purchased. At no time can those images be manipulated (colors changed, and other edits we did not intend them to have) or have our logo removed at any time. These images can not be used on any other website for bragging or advertising purposes, nor can they be printed in any format.

Why Do You Work On Location?
Because we believe our clients deserve the most diverse, unique images possible. We do not want everyone’s images to look like everyone else’s which is what we feel studio shots look like. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. So, if you are older than 2 or 3, it’s all about location!

Do You Travel For Clients?
Not only yes, but HELL yes! We travel all over ND, SD, MT, and have even gone to Las Vegas for a few weddings. If you look at our complete portfolio you will see an amazing number of amazing backgrounds. From a families beloved back yard, to various parks, to lakes, rodeo arenas and the wide open spaces around the country. We’re game!

I’m Opening A New Store/Restaurant and would LOVE to have some of your work on our walls with a card explaining who you and your business is and it will be advertising for you! Do you do this? No…Once again, let us explain that we have learned the hard way! We did this for someone opening a bar/restaurant. And after SEVERAL years of getting NO referrals or even comments regarding this…AND it was a very LARGE investment on our part…it was time for those fully mounted, and framed art prints to come back to us. And, after many attempts both via e-mail, fb, and voice mail, we still have not received any response! Keep in mind that this was literally well over a $2000 investment with the agreement that the images were to come back to us when we needed them back. If you are wanting our artwork to grace the walls of your establishment we can do a bulk order of unframed artworks for you at a certain price. The minimum order for this type of situation is for 10 separate pieces.

What Do You Expect Of Your Clients?
We expect them to be prepared. Have your hair, makeup, clothing, beard, nose hair, and whatever else trimmed, brushed, sprayed, and sparkling and ready to go. We do not “smooth out” wrinkled clothes. We do not give you a new hair do. We expect you to bring your A-Game. We bring ours. You get out of your pictures what you are willing to put into to them. If you choose to be crabby or sad during your images, that is what is going to be shown. We can not photo shop health, happiness, and ease. We can capture the true mood you bring with you. And, there are no refunds or re-shoots if you look crabby, unhappy, or unhealthy during your session. We still were there, and actually have to work harder to try to get you to come around to our way of thinking to get great images. If you come to your session/wedding day determined to let loose and have a great time, it will show in your images. About You Photography clients enjoy their photography experience with us. It’s not just about the final images, but also about the time spent laughing and having a great time. The jokes, the spontaneous ideas and inspirations that take hold during the day. We make some amazing suggestions that we suddenly visualize as we go along…as you can see in all of our galleries. Be open to having fun and some amazing ideas. PARTICIPATE! It takes seconds to capture the most wonderful image in the world. Get involved in your images!

Can I Upgrade My Package?
You can always upgrade, but once a contract is signed, it can not be reduced. And a contract has to be signed in order to hold a day. If one is not signed and retainer received, we will leave that date available to others who may inquire for it.

Is Your Pricing Negotiable?
No. Our pricing structure is set as it needs to be to keep us in business. That means paying the bills, replacing and upgrading equipment as it becomes outdated…and broken. If we can not justify our investment in equipment, time and talent, we will not have a business. And compared to the rest of the US…as relating to real PROFESSIONAL photographers…not amateurs thinking that photography is a fast way to make a buck…our pricing structure for packages, products, and reprints is on the low side.

I lost the files I purchased. Can you just reload them and give them to me again? We can put images up to be downloaded for 1 month. After that, we must remove them to make room for more images for other clients. It is up to the client who purchased those files to maintain those images. If we need to reload for the client, there is a $25 re-listing fee for those same images to be reloaded as we have to assign staff to go through the many many images we have, properly prepare them, upload them, etc.

Will You Show Me How To Work My Camera?
No. It’s NOT because I’m a snob, it’s because every little camera is different from my cameras that I have used for years and years and know like the back of my hand. I pick up someone else’s little point and shoot and feel like I’m trying to read Japanese! LOL

Can I Get My Products Now And Pay Later?
No. Unfortunately, we have learned the hard way, that we can not order or release any prints, albums, gallery wraps, floats, files, etc without payment in full at the time of ordering. For example…we…on good faith to someone we personally knew and believed would full fill payment, ordered and delivered approximately $1600 worth of products and goods. We were never paid. Bills were returned to us. And, when we attempted to collect this debt, we were threatened and the individual even tried physical intimidation. Because of that hideous experience from one dishonest individual, we do not extend credit to anyone.

Why Do You Watermark Your Sports Images?
We have found over $6000 of stolen images in one year. All illegally taken through various means from our website. Face it, $6000 in one year is a huge theft for any individual or business to suffer. This is not a hobby for us. It is how we pay our bills. So, we do apologize if you do not like our watermark, however, if someone is going to steal our images, those images are going to let other people know how they were acquired. It only takes a few bad apples to ruin it for everyone. So, if you do see our images out there on the internet floating around, take a close look at them and see if they are legal or not. Any image of ours that is out there legally will have our signature, or our logo on it such as the images featured on this page. If they have a watermark, then they are illegally being used. If they do not have our logo on them, they have been illegally scanned and we would appreciate an e-mail letting us know so we can address the issue.j

I’m ordering a download/flash drive. Can I get all of the images from the event on it? No you can not. Once again, we have learned the hard way. If your are ordering a flash drive or download from us, you must be the subject or primary focus in the image. In the past, when first starting this process for our sports clients, we encountered individuals who would order everything, and then give the files to others. This includes Grand Entries. The only exception to this rule would be award group shots. This effectively causes About You Photography to loose the ability to stay in business, cover costs, and keep traveling to these events.

Why Do You Limit The Number Of Outfits A Senior Can Change Into?
Because we have literally had seniors show up with 20 different outfits. Seriously. And, since we usually are shooting more than one session a day, we can not cancel someone else’s appointment because one senior could not make up their mind about what they wanted to wear and decided to have images in each.

Why Can’t I See My Images The Same Day Or The Day After My Session?
Because it takes time to do image work flow. We only show finished portraits at their best.

Why Isn’t Every Image Taken In Our Gallery?
Because we only keep the best of the best. If an image does not meet our high standards for one reason or another, it is automatically deleted.

Can We Include Our Horses/Dogs/Other Pets In Our Portraits?
Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it! But the client needs to be 100% in control of the animal at all times.

Can’t You Just Throw In The Digital File?
No, we can not. Those files provide us the ability to create physical prints and specialty products. That is part of our income. If we just give the files away, we will be out of business in a hurry. Additional Digital Files For Any Packages Already Including Digital Files Are Available For $30 Each. Any One Wish To Purchase A Digital File For A Package That Does Not Already Include Digital Files Will Be $65 Each For A Direct Download.

Do You Use Wal-Mart?
NO. Our clients are paying for a professional service and deserve professional products. Any place that offers a quick one hour service is quantity based and not quality based. We use professional labs that frequently clean and calibrate their equipment as well as have highly trained production specialists that ensure the quality of the end product. One hour labs just don’t meet our high standards.

Do You Give Discounts On Weddings & Other Sessions During Holidays?
In A Nutshell, no. The same amount of work, effort, and time goes into sessions during the holiday season as any other time of the year. And, it actually takes us away from our families during the holidays as well.

<span style=”color:red;”Why are flash drives and cds of image files expensive?
Professionally taken images on cds and flash drives are expensive because #1) the photographer looses any chance of earning any income from those images. #2) The photographer looses all control of the quality and appearance of the images on those devices. Real professionals use professional labs and products and our images represent our work and reputation. Images that a client can print at will at one hour labs, at home, or manipulate in ways the professional never intended or wanted them manipulated into misrepresents the photographer and his or her style and standards. Such can drive future business from the professional photographer even though he or she did not create the badly manipulated or misprinted image the client has. Thus, the client pays accordingly.

What Makes About You Photography Different Than All The Other Photographers Out There? There are so many people out there with “fancy” cameras. In fact, it seems that every day we;re getting an e-mail or two from someone who just picked up a brand new fancy camera and want us to teach them how to use it. And face it, college programs mass produce photography students who get out of the class with a “A” who start marketing themselves as pros. Essentially, a Professional Photographer offers a Professional Level Service & Experiences and Products. Anyone can take a snapshot and run to Wal-mart and hand you a print. Anyone. But as a professional photography service, we have the on-going and continuing eduction, experience, equipment, creative vision and expression, and products to ensure your Professional Photography truly is an investment in your family life.

Why Don’t You Just Shoot & Burn Sessions?
Why? Because that is not a professional level of product. It’s something inexperienced and hobbyists do because they have not figured out that they have just handed over all of their images to be manipulated in ways they never meant them to be manipulated, to be printed on home printers that may lack detail or proper calibration, or printed at mass-production labs that don’t care if their colors are off. With About You Photography, you are paying for full professional service. Every image we put out there represents About You Photography, and we want it to be at it’s best.

I Just Got A Fancy “Big” Camera From The Store…Why Can’t I Take Pictures Like Yours?
Why? Because it takes years of training, education, experimenting, workshops, technical reading and so on. It takes much more than just a “Big” camera to capture portraits and art in motion. It takes time and experience. It takes a level of dedication and drive to be a professional photographer. It takes much more than just a fancy camera. In fact, a true professional can take a simple point and shoot consumer camera and create amazing portraits and works of art because they have learned how to work with the light, the movement, the shadows and contrasts and the ever changing conditions that exist.

“But It’s Free Advertising…Basically, there is no such thing as free advertising in photography. We have specific media and purposes for our marketing and advertising. And giving away our hard work in the form of prints or files is not advertising. We’ve tried it. We’ve tried sponsorships that have added up to thousands of dollars as a way to advertise, and, when asking people who view the resulting images, etc, we found that basically no one knew or were interested in who took the resulting images. In the past we’ve giving images away from sales catalogs, etc, and upon viewing the images in the catalogs, our signature is too small to see clearly OR the reprinting of the file is so poorly done that it’s embarrassing to call the image our own. For these reasons, we have implemented our Commercial Policies, which can be clicked on at the top of any page on our website. If we do find any image being used without the commercial license, an invoice will be mailed out immediately. Our commercial use as well as personal use pricing is much lower than what it is across the rest of the United States for professional images. We are not a hobbyist or amateur. And free images will not keep us in business.

How Can I Place An Order? Most print orders for 4X6, 5X7’s, 8X10s and 8X12s can be placed directly on the website shopping cart. Larger sizes, albums, gallery wraps, float wraps, etc are special orders and you need to send us an e-mail to info@auphoto.net with the complete file number and size you are wanting.

Do You Ever Refuse To Capture Images Of Someone? Yes. Under certain circumstances. For instance, if we observe a rider/handler mishandling an animal. If we have been verbal abused or bad mouthed by someone. If we have been threatened by someone. If we know of someone who has stolen images from us in any format. There is an extremely short list of individuals as we have had a very small number of negative experiences with clients or potential clients. If at any point any member of our staff is abused verbally or physically by anyone, any image with that individual in it will be destroyed and we will never photograph that individual again in any event. It does not matter how long it’s been since the incident or who’s horse they might be riding at the time. No.

I Need Pictures Taken Immediately For Something Important! Can’t You Just Rearrange The Sessions You Have To Accommodate Me? We’ve tried this. We Tried Hard. Rearranged 2 other sessions to accommodate someone who needed the session done by a certain time. What happened? The individual who had to have these images done did not show up, and we found out, lied to us as to the reason…and the two sessions we attempted to rearrange could not make the new times…meaning, we lost not just one session, but all three. Loosing a large part of our income. So the answer the question…NO. We do not arrange other appointments for a last moment call. We wish we could, but, like most of our “NO We Don’t” answers, we’ve learned the hard way.

***This One Always Shocks Me….”Do You Take Naked Pictures…”

This page will grow as the Frequently Asked Questions change and grow!

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