Rodeo File Special

Direct Download All Your Images From This Entire Rodeo and includes both personal – As A Direct Download Onto Your Computer To Store As You Choose for $125 — $10 for each additional family member! Includes Full Size Resolution Images! Prints can be made up to a 16X24 inch size! (Individual files purchased are $65 per file).

It is the clients responsibility to supply us with the appropriate full gallery and file numbers in written format (preferable e-mail…NO EXCELL!) to ensure that we do not miss any images.

****At no time can any file or images taken by About You Photography be given or sold to a third party for any use, nor can they be entered into any contests.

These images are unedited. They will be edited when ordered.

The Purchase Of A Physical Print does NOT allow scanning, duplicating, copying or reproducing of that piece of paper in ANY format. You only purchased a piece of paper. If you wish to be able to reproduce the image or use it for any advertising or website use, you MUST purchase the legal rights to do so.

By viewing any About You Photography gallery, you agree not to scan, copy, print, or otherwise duplicate any image without express written permission by About You Photography. Individuals found doing so will no longer have their images posted in any on-line for viewing purposes.

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