Just Don’t Do It

A subject very close to my heart. Please…NEVER take an image that someone else took and imply or pass it off as your own, don’t remove their water mark. This is the same for amateurs, hobbyist images, and professionally taken images. Please. There is a trend happening right now in this country and beyond where this is happening. In fact, I’ve had bridal images of my own used to imply that someone else took them to help boost their own budding business. It’s wrong. It’s illegal. And there are so many ways and organizations out there on the internet that have been specifically created to track these thieves down. It is morally and ethically wrong. And, if you are thinking that you want to become a professional photographer, do it on your own merits…not by stealing from someone else. I would appreciate it if anyone here ever sees one of About You Photography’s images anywhere being used to promote someone else’s work, business, or art, please inform me immediately so that I can take the appropriate steps to take care of the situation. Although I do sell personal printing rights with some of my files, I NEVER sell the ability to represent my work as someone else’s…just like all professional photographers. Just because I’m a rural photographer from North Dakota, that does not mean my work should be stolen. Thank you for understanding that this is a huge deal in the photography industry. It’s like someone stealing a car, stealing your barrel saddle, or your credit card. It’s how I support my family, my home, our life.

And you as people and clients looking for that perfect photographer, you don’t want to be mislead. It’s not just the photographer they stole from that is getting the shaft, it’s the potential client who thinks it’s that photo thieves original work.

Thank you. Here is a fantastic site that helps expose photography thieves.


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