Pre-Booking Barrel Racing Jack Pots & Mounted Shooting

Pre-Booking your Barrel Racing image files is super easy as well as economical!  Jackpot coordinators contact us for details.


Before the jackpot, participants pre-pay $35 (for their first run, $ 10 each additional run)  which includes every file of you take during the jackpot. If there is more than one family member competing, add $10 for each of their runs. What this gets you every file of your runs to print as you choose where you choose.


Simply find us at our little spot prior to the ranch rodeo and we’ll get you taken care of! This guarantees images of your team are taken, that they are edited and distributed to you
as soon as possible! Normal pricing applies to all orders immediately the next morning. ($35 for each file from that jackpot. A HUGE savings.)

Dodge Barrels 2014 - 0948

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