FB Authorized Images & Files

All FB files versions of physical files that are purchased look like this….  Any unauthorized scanning of physical prints is a Federal Copyright Violation.  This includes but is not limited to screen prints, taking a picture of our files with your own camera, and scanning any physical files you may have purchased.  And once a file as been scanned or duplicated, the illegal file is out there and there is no guarantee that it is destroyed so About You Photography will invoice the standard fee of $35 per file.  Absolutely NO PRINTS CAN BE MADE FROM ANY FACEBOOK IMAGES BELONGING TO ABOUT YOU PHOTOGRAPHY.  If we do find illegal duplication on Facebook, websites, Instagram, or any other unauthorized media of any form, we will post that incident on our FB Page as an example of what not to do.  Our policy is very simple.  If you did not pay for it, don’t take it.  And paying for it AFTER you have stolen it does  not erase the fact that someone stole from us.

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