North Dakota Brides

Being a bride in North Dakota has it’s challenges.  If you live the country lifestyle, just something as choosing a wedding date can be so very hard.  You have to take so many things into consideration.  There is planting season, haying season, harvest, calving, the ever present fencing.  There is selling season.  Let’s also not forget the various hunting seasons.  W2012M1++++0155-2019313081-O

In North Dakota, the weather is so unpredictable at times as well.  It could be 100 degrees out….or it could be so wet and rainy that an outdoor wedding could be forced inside.  Although weddings on a rainy day can really provide some amazing romantic images.

W2008J1+++0008-379806014-ONo matter what the season, or what the weather is like, we encourage our Brides and Grooms to go with the flow and enjoy their day.  Make the most of it.  The only important thing is that at the end of the day, two people who love each other are married.  W2010M1    0319

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