Feb 9, 2016

The preservation of the traditional rodeo and ranching lifestyle is very important to me. There is a huge difference between saddling up a green horse first thing in the morning to check cows than jumping in a side by side and cruising around a pasture. Yes there are a lot of days when cowboys and
cowgirls do wish they were in a side by side, but in the long run, stepping into that saddle is a better way of life, at least for me. I don’t believe in the “factory farming” or the huge big business aspect that seems to be creeping into the agriculture livelihood in these modern times. I take pride the fact that I can put my camera away and lend a hand with the cows and horses I photograph. And I never shy away from that. It makes my heart sing to see tradition handed down among family generations. Capturing these same families competing and supporting
each other in the rodeo arena is also a blessing. You won’t find these people disrespecting our American Flag no matter how they feel about who is serving in public office. The fellowship, the support and help they provide each other is amazing and is
great friendship and sportsmanship. This lifestyle has been romanticized throughout the years, but it’s not
easy. It requires dedication and the willingness to get their hands dirty that so many people simply won’t do in these modern times. But it also requires a love that so many will never understand. This lifestyle, the history and tradition, is something the people who live it and love it will never forget or give up on. It’s not for everyone. Not by a long shot. But for those who have chosen to honor it, it’s in their blood. Through the good days and the bad days, the hard years and the good years. It resides deep down inside of them. It’s not something you just pick up, it’s not something you just decide you’re gonna do. It’s life. You eat it, dream it, rope and tie it. It’s who you “are”.

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